Our Priority is to Turn Connecticut Deep Blue in 2020
Our mission is to shift the vote to candidates with liberal and progressive values, using political research, cognitive science and social psychology to create effective messaging and communications.

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Discussion Forum     prevailblue@gmail.com

We share our findings through Facebook (by invitation) and meetings with groups and individuals committed to keeping Connecticut blue. We have access to in-depth research studies that cannot be shared in public.  

Training Courses     course info      testimonials

Prevail Blue Workshops help political activists sharpen their communications skills, using the latest research findings and state-of-the-art methods.  

Our Volunteers Offer Help

Prevail Blue does not endorse specific candidates nor work on specific campaigns, but our members as individuals do volunteer to make a difference. As you get to know us, our members can get to know you.

Blue Watchdog    video introduction 

Connecticut needs a statewide watchdog operation to keep the GOP in line. We proposed this idea in 2019 and are looking for a volunteer to join us and coordinate the effort. !