Courses and Workshops Overview

Effective communication is a critical success factor! 

We contribute to grassroots groups and individuals with Democratic, progressive, and liberal values by developing, analyzing and advising on messaging, scripts, communications, targeted ‘letter’ writing, advocacy and accountability projects, etc.

Get the maximum value out of your phone calling, mailings, texting and canvassing! 

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Services are offered at no charge. We do not sell products or endorse candidates.

We may sometimes welcome a donation to cover printing costs of handout materials.


Our webinars and workshops are developed and owned by members and other contributors, and are not authorized by Prevail Blue for further use. Please contact the authors if you are seeking to use these materials. 

Our handouts will typically be marked (C) Prevail Blue. These materials may not be distributed, nor performed, nor modified, without permission from Prevail Blue.

Please contact us if you have questions.