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Prevail Blue is an independent activist group organized according to the principles of Indivisible.org. Services are offered at no charge.
We do not sell products or endorse candidates. The group is maintained by unpaid volunteers.

Our goal is to understand the methods of communication that reach people in the ways that they naturally think and form points of view. We want to energize the  democratic, liberal and progressive voters, especially ones that did not vote and therefore, effectively handed critical elections to the GOP.


Our group moderators and trainers have more than 70 years collective experience in management, communications and research spanning global cyber security , executive corporate presentations, persuasion and influence techniques, video, and medical counseling.

Our trainers have given presentations, webinars, workshops and presentations to groups ranging from 3 to 3000.



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"I have been professionally involved in canvassing for more than 20 years. I learned some valuable ideas in the Prevail Blue Workshop."
"Our DTC platform document is now shorter, more focused, easier to read, positive and action oriented. It's easier for our candidates to tie their own campaign promises to our plan for the City."
Prevail Blue had the only 2-hour workshop, on persuasion and influence at the 2019 Convention of Connecticut DTCs. It was a sell-out, standing room only event.

"A few of us went to their {introductory} session at the Newtown DTC training held a few months ago, and there was a ton of great information shared.  ...   If you are considering doing canvassing this fall on behalf of our slate of DTC candidates, please plan to attend one of these trainings. I promise you will come away inspired and with new information to think about and use in your conversations with voters.  If you are running for office this year, consider this required training for your development as a candidate."